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Dear guest
Whether this is your first visit or you’re visiting us again, we hope that you will enjoy many new experiences and adventures that are waiting to be discovered here in this beautiful destination. When venturing out on your own, please follow some simple advice to help you to have the best possible time.

Like many places around the world, we have some attractions and street vendors who offer experiences and interactions with animals. Most of these have excellent standards of animal welfare, but sadly not everyone is like-minded when it comes to the protection of our flora and fauna. Occasionally we do come across instances of exploitation and poor practice.

Some activities may not very well regulated, such as having photographs taken with wild animals (including birds and reptiles). Often these are taken around resorts by individuals and it is impossible to know how those animals are treated away from public view and what has been done to make them safer for public handling. Activities where wild animals are performing unnatural tricks, or experiences involving direct human contact with a wild animal are other examples where animals may have been manipulated badly to change their behaviours.

We simply ask you to spare a thought for these animals and to be vigilant.
Please avoid participating in any activities where the standard of animal welfare is unknown or questionable.
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Avenida Antonio Machado, 51
29630 Benalmádena-Costa
Malaga (Spain)
(+34) 952 63 28 46

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